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<<The sun is dying and the stars have aligned. What once slept undisturbed in the lost temples of the Underworld is roused once more bringing forth the end of humankind>>

Withering Light is a rules-light Lovecraftian fantasy horror RPG with OSR influences for a group of 4-5 people, one being the Game Master. This game is inspired by Lovecraftian's mythos, Mothership (tuesday knight games), Blades in the Dark (Evil Hat Productions) and Darkest Dungeon (Red Hook's Roguelite).

In Withering Light, players take on the roles of adventurers delving deep into a haunted and dark underworld making their way through eldritch abominations and horrors that will consume their minds. The more the adventurers will delve deep into the earth, the more the lights will wither giving way to madness and despair.

To survive, adventurers must hold on to their weapons and torches and, most importantly, cooperate.

Artwork by Simone Tammetta and Guil Inchausti

Notes from the author (me!): this project was originally submitted to the RPGenesis2021 jam.

I hope you enjoy Withering Light at least half as much I enjoyed creating it!


Buy Now4.50€ EUR or more

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